Welcome friend, Naive Fascinations is a place where you'll find stories inspired by the real-life experiences of a somewhat naive 20-something gal navigating this world of ours that can feel too big and complicated at times, but utterly and tear-jerkingly fascinating none the less, at others.

How I enjoy passing my time:

  • By reading books, mostly fantasy, sci-fi and magic realism
  • By practicing yoga, I'm an amateur (aka a lover of this discipline)
  • By playing classical pieces on the piano
  • By gardening and renovating our run-down yard (stay tuned for projects on the blog)
  • By writing
  • By being. When all my physical and emotional needs are met, sometimes just by being is a way that I enjoy passing my time

If you're feeling a little curious, look around and you shall find...

Authentic stories about:

  • What a career in tech is like as a junior Biomedical engineer
  • All sorts of relationships
  • Life changing events
  • Projects including gardening, renovations, cooking (not just the successful attempts)
  • A book review now and then

As well as bonus topics that recently inspired fascination.